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Special Offers
Yeti SB130 C Series Lunch Ride 2021
Nukeproof Mega TR
We have one medium SB130 C Series Lunch Ride left in Brick. Brand new and unused. rrp £5,495
Orange Stage Evo RS 2021 ex demo - medium
Orange Patriot frame
We have one medium ex demo Orange Stage Evo RS for sale. Its had some use but in very good condition. rrp £5,500

Revel Rail

custom build ex display
Five am pre owned
We have one medium ex demo custom build Revel Rail for sale. Stunning spec and excellent condition. RRP £7,800
Orange Phase 29 RS Ebike
lapierre zesty am 527
We have one spare large Phase 29 RS Ebike in Sparks Blue. RRP £8,200
New Arrivals

Transition Scout Carbon NX

Transition Patrol 2
The 2021 Transition Bikes are here and this Scout Carbon NX is amazing value. The new Scout frame has the lowest stand over height of any bike we have ridden

Orange Five Evo Pro

Orange Five Pro
The new 2019 Orange Five Pro has arrived. Lighter, stiffer, wider than the previous model. The Pro is the optimum blend of price and performance. Now with 12 speed eagle groupset

Nukeproof Reactor 275C Factory 2021

Commencal Meta AM2 2014
£ 4,895
The Nukeproof Reactor 275 Factoryis the Fox Factory equipped carbon Reactor. Similar spec to last year with a stunning artichoke green colour

Yeti SB130 T-Series X01 Lunchride 29" Bike 2021

Orange Five RS
The new Yeti SB130 T-Series X01 Lunchride is in stock in size large in very small numbers.
Top sellings

Orange Five Evo Pro

Orange Five Pro
Oranges best selling bike and our best selling Orange Bike. The Five Evo Pro is the perfect UK all rounder.

Nukeproof Mega 275 Carbon Comp 2021

Commencal Meta AM V4 Race Plus
The Nukeproof Mega 275 Como is probably the best seller in the lineup. we currently have a spare large in stock ready for delivery

Yeti SB150 T Series frame 2020

Lapierre Zesty 514
The weapon of choice for EWS star Richie Rude. This high end frames suspension is glued to the ground and build quality is second to none.

Orange Alpine 6 RS

Orange Alpine 160
The Orange Alpine 6 RS uses single chainring 1x12 set-up with a dropper post as standard equipment, this one's built for the tough guys. It's fast, big-travel trail bike and the perfect Enduro tool.
Orange Five Evo Pro

Orange Five Evo SE 2022

The Alpine Evo is hard to classify, it isn’t an out and out Enduro bike, it’s more versatile than that, but given a chance it will dominate any trail bike in challenging and aggressive terrain. While this bike is an 'Alpine' model in every sense of the word, we have updated the geometry to work optimally with shorter travel at the front and the rear than you would might expect The 160 front/155 rear allows to dramatically increase in suspesion's performance progression which instantly makes the bike more playful and less cumbersome. It has an eagerness to jump and pop but doesn’t steer away from steep technically terrain

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